Release schedule

Date Milestone
Mon Oct 21 2019 Feature freeze
Wed Jul 15 2020 Hard code freeze
Mon Jul 20 2020 SDK 6.0 release
Tue Jul 28 2020 SDK 6.1 bugfix release
Mon Aug 24 2020 SDK 6.2 bugfix release
Thu Feb 04 2021 SDK 6.3 bugfix release

Major features

Updated upstream and infrastructure

  • Updated the GNOME SDK to version 3.36
  • Adopted Buildstream as the Flatpak runtimes build stack

OpenZIM support

Added support for loading content in knowledge apps from OpenZIM files as an alternative to shard files. This allows us to reuse the potential of the OpenZIM farm as the provider of Wikipedia offline content.

Kolibri support

Added support for loading Kolibri’s zipped HTML5 content, which are basically ZIP files with a full webpage inside, being the index.html member file the starting point of the content. This enables more potential for interactive content in the modular framework.

General improvements

  • Make it easier for apps to add extra CSS stylesheet to rendered HTML content by reading a file from the GResource bundle.
  • Added support for adding extra JavaScript files to the rendered HTML.
  • Removed custom styling from the SDK to follow the system theme.
  • Fixed a problem where certain programs would never search for libraries from Flatpak extensions, such as the GL host extension.
  • Other minor bugfixes.

Migration from SDK-5

No changes are required for apps using the modular framework.

Release notes

SDK 6.0 (July 20th, 2020)

This is the first release in the SDK-6 series.

SDK 6.1 (July 28th, 2020)

Update libzim to version 6.1.8 to improve OpenZIM files loading performance.

SDK 6.2 (August 24th, 2020)

  • Add support for same page links (anchored links).
  • Fix internal links tooltips for OpenZIM files.
  • Fix duplicated search results for OpenZIM files.

SDK 6.2 (September 10th, 2020)

  • Add support for unmaintained content extensions in libdmodel.

SDK 6.3 (February 4th, 2021)

  • Remove icon theme Flatpak extension.
  • Update libzim to 6.3.0.
  • Add zstd required by libzim and new OpenZIM files.