Flatpak runtime

To add the Flatpak repository, run:

flatpak remote-add --from eos-sdk http://endlessm.github.io/eos-knowledge-lib/eos-sdk.flatpakrepo

If you are running Endless OS 3.2 or later, you will already have the repository.

Available runtimes:

ID Description
com.endlessm.apps.Platform Runtime
com.endlessm.apps.Platform.Locale Runtime translations (extension)
com.endlessm.apps.Sdk SDK
com.endlessm.apps.Sdk.Debug SDK debug information (extension)
com.endlessm.apps.Sdk.Locale SDK translations (extension)

The runtimes are built from definitions in the endless-sdk-flatpak Git repository.

To access nightly builds (currently only for x86-64), you can additionally add the nightly repository:

flatpak remote-add --from eos-sdk-nightly http://endlessm.github.io/eos-knowledge-lib/eos-sdk-nightly.flatpakrepo


We recommend using Flapjack to build this code, especially if you are planning to make changes to it. The example.flapjack.ini configuration file included with Flapjack is precisely made to build the eos-knowledge-lib and other components.

Copy the example.flapjack.ini to ~/.config/flapjack.ini and follow the instructions for Flapjack to know how to build, test, and run apps.

If you wish to run the tests, you will also need to clone, build, and install jasmine-gjs.

Finding your way around

Here’s an overview of what’s in each directory:

  • data/
    • css/ - themes and parts of themes for UI modules
    • icons/ - parts of icon themes for UI modules
    • images/ - miscellaneous UI assets
    • preset/ - pre-built YAML UI description files
    • templates/ - code for rendering HTML content; more or less deprecated
    • widgets/ - GtkBuilder XML files for UI modules in js/app/modules/
  • docs/
    • api/ - API reference; not useful right now, being rewritten
    • framework/ - reference for UI modules
  • ekncontent/ - library for accessing databases of offline content
    • docs/ - gtk-doc documentation
    • ekncontent/ - C sources
    • eknvfs/ - module for resolving ekn:// URIs
    • m4/ - Autoconf code
    • overrides/ - additions for using ekncontent in Javascript code
    • tests/ - unit and integration tests
  • js/ - Javascript library code
    • app/ - the main UI library for creating apps
      • Various app library classes
      • interfaces/ - interfaces which some UI modules implement
      • libs/ - external JS code such as Mustache
      • modules/ - the modular UI blocks (see below)
      • widgets/ - some GTK widgets for UI code that are not modular UI blocks
  • lib/ - C library code
    • eosknowledgeprivate/ - introspectable C wrappers for js/app/
    • web-extensions/ - WebKit web extensions for use when viewing documents
  • m4/ - Autoconf code
  • po/ - internationalization (see below)
  • tests/ - unit and integration tests
    • Various utility code for tests
    • autobahn/ - integration tests for the Autobahn YAML processor
    • js/app/ - unit tests for the code in js/app
    • test-content/ - sample content for some tests
  • tools/ - various testing and development tools


Please don’t do translations by directly editing the .po files in this repository. Instead, sign up at our Transifex project and translate there.

Release schedule and future plans

For more information, see the release schedule.