Custom Modules

The framework provides modules that app creators can combine to create their apps. Now, they can also write and use their own modules using Gjs.

Writing a Module

A custom module can look as simple as the example below. Note that the custom Fixed class is created from the Module class, which is the basic requirement. Other requirements could apply depending on what type of module it is or, more importantly, the type of slot it should go into.

const Gtk =;
const Module = imports.framework.interfaces.module;

var Fixed = new Module.Class({
    Name: 'Banner.Fixed',
    Extends: Gtk.Label,

    _init(props={}) {
        props.label = 'Fixed';

Including a Module

To include a module, the file must be added under the /app/js/ prefix in the app's gresource file.

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
    <gresource prefix="/app/js">

Using a Module

Finally, to use a module, it must be referenced from the app's YAML file.

  type: Banner.Fixed

A Custom Importer

To access a custom module class, from another custom module, an importer named custom_modules is provided.

const Fixed = custom_modules.banner.fixed;

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